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Fraud Investigation & Litigation

Forensic Accounting Services & Litigation Support

We know how to uncover fraud and simplify complex fraud cases.

If you’ve just begun to prepare for a new case and you immediately find yourself confronted with complex financial, tax, and accounting issues you don’t need to tackle these problems alone. 

Fraud Auditing, Inc. knows how to sort through cumbersome data, organizing and quantifying it into pertinent financial information you can easily use for a case. As experts in forensic accounting and financial investigations, we take attorneys step-by-step through the various intricacies that riddle each case. Our involvement is crucial and allows these issues to be addressed before they become serious obstacles in litigation. With our support, attorneys have the unparalleled ability to present and address financial issues in a clear, organized, and strategic manner. We consistently provide the guidance attorneys require to present their case, and the tools to put them on the path to success.

Fraud Auditing, Inc. & Leonard W. Vona can help you with these legal matters:

Business/Employee Fraud Investigations

The investigation of employee fraud requires the determination of the extent of the fraud and provides a clear and concise explanation for the courts. The loss calculation is either based on direct evidence or circumstantial evidence. We have experience with both direct and circumstantial evidence in an internal embezzlement case. We would be glad to send you the Westlaw citation. 

Disputes between Shareholders or Partners

The compensation and benefits given to each of the shareholders or partners is one of the more common issues in these cases.

Matrimonial Disputes

Usually, when a dispute of this nature arises, forensic accountants must locate and evaluate the disputed assets and determine the true income of the business. We know how to investigate cash intensive businesses.

Divorce Income Analysis

We examine tax returns and financial records to determine the true income to calculate child support and spousal support.

Government criminal representation

We assist individuals and organizations in defending themselves against government investigations at the state and federal level. Financial investigations of this nature are often complex, and it is in the best interest of the target of the investigation to have an expert examine the complicated financial issues and know how to work with your attorney.

Probate Matters

We have experience working with attorneys in investigating the activity of the fiduciary, reconstructing accounts and transactions, and requesting supporting records

Professional Malpractice

When fraud arises, it is important to identify the root cause of the issue as well as areas where the fraud should have been detected, but was not. Auditors and financial professionals play a large role in helping organizations identify and eliminate risks in order to mitigate loses. When auditors fail to recognize fraud it is important to investigate if their shortcomings amounted to malpractice. Forensic accountants provide this service through deep analytical, investigative and accounting skills bringing clarity to an otherwise complex situation.

We have assisted attorneys in a diversity of legal matters which include:

  • 1.6 million dollar theft of assets
  • Reconstructed unreported income derived from a privately held business that resulted in a higher value of the business for equitable distribution
  • Establishing theft of assets exceeding $600,000 based purely on circumstantial business
  • Accounting malpractice in which the jury found for the CPA
  • A civil rights case involving malicious prosecution in which the jury found for the plaintiff
  • Facilitated district attorneys in criminal matters

If you have a case that could use an expert forensic accountant, please contact us today. We are happy to offer an initial consultation to help you determine whether our services are needed.

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