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Learn how to apply Fraud Data Analytics to your fraud audit plan.

Fraud is not predictable as to when it will occur, but it is fairly straight forward as to how it will occur. This is one of the main tenants we like to employ at Fraud Auditing Inc., in order to better detect and prevent fraud. While fraud itself is never completely unavoidable for an organization, knowing the various permutations of how one fraud scheme can occur can give your teams the upper hand when it comes to improving their audit processes.Fraudcover2

This eBook will place fraud-based approach methodology into context using worked examples. It will do this by examining

  • the audit approach in a new light
  • using a fraud-based approach to prevention and detection
  • various fraud schemes encountered by auditing teams in various levels of complexity 

While this eBook is not intended to serve as a definitive guide to fraud, it is here to better assist your approach and ensure that when fraud does occur your teams have the tools to detect, and even prevent, schemes where possible. By the end of this eBook you should have a fairly robust understanding of common fraud schemes, fraud risk statement (also known as fraud scenario or fraud risk assessment) creation, and using fraud risk detection procedures as part of your approach to uncovering fraud in core business systems.

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